Consultations & Service Requests

“Hi, I am Stella, what is it you are dreaming of and how may I assist you in creating, editing, or formulating your dreams? Let’s speak it into action.”

Stella Dreamwalker

Garden Gnome & Cleric

Land Use Consultation

Youth Garden Coach

Currently available we have a link below to schedule three hours per month where a Garden Coach will assist in planning, set up, or design; hire your very own personal gardeners’ assistant.

Honey Tea Samples

Formulation Research & Development

Formulation consultations include a non-disclosure agreement ensuring that your ideas and product line remain your intellectual property. Together we go from a dream to an idea to a system and solution. Various packages are available and formulas can be purchased outright or contracted for a percentage of the sales. Please keep in mind that information and content widely available in the public domain can not be considered intellectual property or covered with a non-disclosure agreement. What will be covered is your particular formula or manufacturing process and standard operating procedures for any products.

Spelling is called Spelling for a reason

Hire a Poet or Scribe

Clerical services include writing poetry, lyrics, and acting as a personal scribe. I create homemade ink, paper, bind books, and deliver poetry on any subject on schedule. For calligraphy or poetry, click the button below.

Listening Sessions or Personal Reading Sessions

Sometimes you just need to bounce around an idea, absorb some creative energy, discuss the details of a goal or product line you are working on, or ask a few questions about a particular herb or extraction technique. One hour listening or lyric building sessions or one hour reading sessions can help you to unwind, take in information in a new way, and even process a wide range of thoughts and emotions. These sessions are more than just an introduction to one another.