Monthly Sonnet Subscription

$39.99 / month for 12 months

This is a 12 month Sonnet Subscription for $33.99 per month.  You may choose the font, and to some extent the topic.



Let my poetry bee in your bonnet

With this monthly subscriptional sonnet

Don’t hesitate when you know you want it

I’ll even let you choose which font it’s in


For a monthly fee I shall deliver

Words as arrows from my deepest quiver

spinal taps that make the sunshine shiver

 carnal truth smooth as a wonton friend


Lyrical skills, come along let’s flaunt it

bury bones in the forest let’s haunt it

master our crafts, we remain undaunted

pass you the penned monthly like discipline


spherical spagyrical cycles lent

spent ink, and you’re my main ingredient


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