Herbal Scientist; Level 1 Formulation

$59.99 / month for 2 months

Introductory, Level 1 Product Formulation for $119.98, paid in two monthly installments of $59.99.  This service is for individuals who desire to create a homemade product to support and nourish their own individual health and wellbeing or that of their immediate family.  This is not intended to diagnose, cure, or remedy any disease or ailment as I am neither a doctor nor a certified clinical herbalist.  If you require the services of a certified clinical herbalist, I recommend the American Herbalist Guild.  I am an herbal scientist, trained at Bastyr University and Northland College, who will formulate for you according to your doctors recommendations or the recommendations of another clinical herbalist.  Think of this as an apothecary where you share what it is that your doctor recommends, and we tell you all about the herbs that support the goal you and your doctor have decided is best for you.  After your first payment of $59.99, you will receive a one hour phone consultation to discuss your goals.  During this consultation, there will be a form sent by email which is a clinical herbalism consultation form.  This form will help me to be certain that your formula meets your goals, and be sure that nothing that I suggest will in any way compete or interact with any drugs that you may be prescribed.  My goal is to be certain that when you take our formula to your doctor for approval that they are impressed with the diligence in our process.  Prior to utilizing any herbal remedy or formula you must consult with your primary health care provider.   A second form will be mailed to you prior to providing you with the formula.  This will be a non-compete/non-disclosure form attesting that this formulation is not for use in resale.  Your formula at this level is only for use with the one individual who filled out the clinical herbalism consultation form.  This level is not intended for resale or for commercial use.  Your formula will be sent immediately upon receipt of the final payment.



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