Herbal Sciences; Level 2 Advanced Formulation

$13.19 / month for 11 months and a $59.99 sign-up fee

Advanced, Level 2 Product Formulation for $1,444.11, paid in eleven monthly installments of $13.10, plus an initial consultation fee of $59.99. This service is for individuals who desire to create a product specifically for resale.  This formula will not be intended to diagnose, cure, or remedy any specific disease or ailment and as per the FDA labelling requirements, you will not be able to make claims as to curing any disease.  Structure Function claims on herbal products are limited and restricted.  Our formulas will support, nourish, and nurture health as I am neither a doctor nor a certified clinical herbalist.  If you require the services of a certified clinical herbalist, I recommend the American Herbalist Guild.  I am an herbal scientist, trained at Bastyr University and Northland College, who will provide you with an advanced formula and the basic standard operating procedures to bring your formula to life.  After your first payment of $59.99, you will receive a one hour phone consultation to discuss your product goals.  During this consultation, there will be a form sent by email which is a non-disclosure agreement.  This form protects your idea as your idea.  Although I will be formulating for you, the rights to the formula and intellectual property will be shared 90/10 and will not be used in any other client formulations.  This payment schedule and arrangement has a final total price of $1,504.10 plus 10% of product sales once all eleven payments are complete.  There will be additional costs to perfect the formula as follows: Cost of materials to make three test batches of product.  You will purchase the herbs for the solute and the solvent or carrier, enough to make one unit, and have them shipped to me or pay an additional $20 for me to pick the herbs up locally.  This will provide the materials necessary for me to perfect your formulation and develop an accurate S.O.P for you.  The timeframe for you to expect your perfected formula is three months from the initial consultation.  If you prefer not to split your product sales 90/10, you may opt for a one time buy out once the initial formula is finished.  For this option, you will have the option to pay the remainder of the 8 months of $13.10 plus an additional $1444.11.  This contract structure will be sent with the initial non-disclosure agreement.  You may cancel future payments anytime prior to the formula being sent, but I promise you wont want to.



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