Herbal Science Lab

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Research, Development & Product Formulation

Level One: Basic Formulation

For individuals who desire to create a homemade product to support and nourish their own individual health and wellbeing or that of their immediate family. $119.98 paid in two monthly installments of $59.99.

Level Two: Advanced Product Formulation

Creating a product for resale can be tricky. You may be just getting started, or already selling a product but need assistance with labeling, S.O.P, QA/QC, and more. Our Herbal Scientists will formulate your product to perfection. Initial consultation fee is $59.99, then if you choose to proceed the cost will be $13.10/month for eleven months (total cost is $1504.10 plus either a $1441.11 buy out after formulation or 10% interest in the product sales).

If you have your formula, but need assistance with just the S.O.P or QA/QC, we can schedule hourly consultations to perfect your process, labels, or quality assurance policies without the additional cost associated with formulation. Simply schedule an hourly consultation.