Free Samples (Credit Stella Flannery)

In Her Rant

Value is inherent 
to those who honestly view 
all you do 
It doesn’t require proof 
it radiates and rises 
like a balloon
Beauty, Love and Truth 
benefit all those who are aware 
Energy equal to mass 
times the speed of light squared 
More than physical traits 
more than mental weight 
There is a calling that once answered 
purely elevates 
But if you’re capitalistic 
you’ve likely missed it 
A pessimist can barely see an optimistic mystic Sometimes the burden of worldly demands
Pulls the wool over the eyes
scorches inner lands
You’ll bulldoze precious flowers 
focused on finance or power 
You’ll have no daily bread 
if you poison the mill 
Before you’ve even grown 
or harvested the flower 
The deepest rivers run still 
Often the loudest is the coward 
You curse the rain? 
when your crop badly needs a shower?
Bravery faces its own ego before ego devours

Preserve Her

Some say that self preservation is the first law of nature.
I would argue that the first law is nature must be nurtured
If nature or a woman is taken for granted 
Expect nothing to grow no matter how you’ve planned it
I would argue that preservation of all stems from a root
The root is the unyielding power of giving and truth
I would argue the servant is always better than the master
Who does the work grows matures and evolves faster
The crown life comes through is not heavy nor jaded
The crowning factor is she knows it exist because she made it
The crown on your head looks like a thirst to return
To the safety and comfort that is a life giving womb
For a hundred years more youve been free to own land
But you still desire to own the feminine, the water
How little you still innerstand
The measure is nature as it’s always been 
The measure is nurture and she’ll sing it again
Without her you’re crown is mental mastirbation 
Without her there’s nothing, no soil, no soul, no nation

Tiny Sticks

I poke giant bears with tiny sticks 
I care so much I throw big fits
Integrity, I spy a lack of it 
They lie when they claim to value grit 
What’s valued is the go along 
The crowd sourced pop song
The drop it like it’s hot thong 
The cog in a wheel signing up to sling wrong
Not the horns and drums amidst jersey shore falling
Not the forlorned poets 
with Truth and justice calling
might as well silence that ring like Rachel Carlson 
Sell more sugar bread, sweetheart and You, 
sign up for war son.

It’s ok

It’s ok to be excited about learning
It’s ok to admit you don’t know
It’s ok to be ecstatic and yearning
It’s ok that’s the way that we grow

Uphill Battle

"A Jack of all trades is a master of none
But still always better than a master of one"
A Jill of all trades is a master of naught 
But still whole in contemplative comparison 
Better than endless wars and garrisons 
Simply by studying what makes us one
Jack and Jill will, after stumbling is done 
Learn to share and have fun

All Aboard

Abba tell the congregates what is a Sigil
Crew list (all aboard) the ships manifest
Flipping the paradigm old patterns vigil
Ma now feeding the crew sublime Manna, Rest

The Butterfly & The Chamelion (A Sonnet)

When I first saw you you had your wings folded
Had I fluttered by I might have missed
I imagined how brilliant are your colors
To see you spread your wings I moved boldly
So subtly you moved to my delight
Then as you spoke through lips I could have kissed
I felt compelled to share with you for hours
So curious I could not wait one night
You led me through your garden by the hand
Senses overwhelmed by how familiar
Everything about you felt to me
The look in your eyes says you innerstand
Our colors weave a splendid tapestry
A chameleon can match effortlessly

Root Word

Women process in a natural alchemy 
What is mental or emotional to you becomes physical to she 
She puts the sha in sha she mah ni 
Transmutes toxicity to bliss 
out of sheer necessity
The reason men is from 
root word menses 
The root of Menfis 
root of Tennessee 
The unseen becomes seen 
the thought becomes felt
Everything you give her comes around another way
Process your emotions in a healthy play on words
To appreciate more fully 
the hand she has dealt
Always let her know 
she has been heard
Amasegeneshalu  ma says word 
is bond and wealth


How quickly and quietly we pretend to have forgotten
Crucify the truth and all that is wholesomely begotten 
How strange will the fruit be when the genesis is rotten

Thin Ice Fishing

Men don’t have the bases covered Too busy playing pigball burning rubber
Provide isn’t even your given task
Protect is first, but who? 
Glad you asked
Not me not your mother nor even your wife
First protect the EARTH, remember her, giver of all life
First protect the Rivers 
First protect the streams
Stop playing the games of sworn enemies 
Stop playing into sick systems making nightmares of dreams
If the earth isn’t owned and dissected buried under sport
She provides luscious riverbanks and every measure of the human heart
The root of men is menses, you don’t mind it on your shirt
But let me talk of bloodroot and root work and fragile egos get hurt
Every day you pray to a sky god to help you capitalize 
Is one more day you truly fail to realize
The men without wombs and the women too
First protect the earth, it may be the last thing you do. 
This isn’t for the grown ups, far too set in their ways
This ones for the children, "saving our own lives" in so many MNI ways.