Completed Requests

examples of completed requests



Here are examples of requests that I have received, a photo of the product the customer received, and above the photo, the time it took me to complete the request and along with the text from the photo and some of my favorite lines from the poem. Word play and double meaning are the essence of poetry, and something that you will find I excel at.

Request 2/5/2022 @ 1:30pm:

“Will you please use my words and thoughts and make it poetic for me to write it on homemade paper for my future husband? I want to express that I am letting go of that which does not serve me or our family well. I want to say things like I am blindly trusting you to lead like the righteous King you are. I know that by trusting you I will have no worries and for that I am grateful. Thank you for being so strong and helping me to evolve into a better person and thank you for the guide you are for our family. I am letting my past go and trusting you to make the wrongs right.

Hand Delivered at 3:30pm:

Horse & Carriage

The Horse and Carriage
It is not easy for a mare once free
To don and limit what her eyes can see
To leave her learned behaviors in the past
To trust that blinders focus helps love last
Protective coverings impart a steady stride
Driven by love; she learns, avails, abides
Gentle reining leads to higher vistas
she chooses trust and ceases to resist a
King’s direction for his apprendista
To trust the crown’s command prevents a list of
fears that cause the carriage to be shifted
there’s peace in learning blind faith can be a gift
Be for my fingertips a gentle braille
That our carriage may at long last prevail

Poet’s Commentary:

My favorite part of this poem is the timing of the request and how much of a reflection it is within my own personal life. My daughter asked “Are you sure this is for a client and not for you”.

My second favorite part of this poem is the double meaning. First, the use of “don” to mean “to wear” as well as meaning “head of household” . Second, the use of reining as “guiding the horse” as well as again “measure of a ruler, ruling the kingdom”. Lastly, the use of “list” to mean “tipping over the vessel” as well as “sequence”. I am also pleased to learn the Horse is one of the animals this particular customer has an affinity with spiritually. Thankful for each opportunity to showcase my poetic abilities.

Avail & Avow

Avail and Avow
I pen this faithful promise to myself
To set aside my arrogance and rest
I face my ego head on in the mirror
Attest to set aside worries and fears
Peace and pleasure fill my holy grail
And you the mast I fasten to, your sail
Make right the way and steer us from the rocks
I heed to you, a ship moored at your dock

Poet’s Commentary:

This poem was an added bonus poem because the topic hit so close to home. My favorite part is the title sounds like “A Veil and A Vow”, and references the previous poem’s promise to “learn, avail, and abide”.