What is a Cleric?

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The Priestly Scribe, the Healer and Record Keeper

What does it mean, this word “Cleric”? In video games like Gauntlet and first person fantasy or roll playing games, the Cleric is the healer. Both clerics and wizards are magi and scholars, but the wizards typically do far more damage while the clerics have advanced healing abilities. In other circles “Cleric” means a priest or priestess. Both of these are known to be scribes and students, often studying the science and the magic of scriptures to decipher how the spelling and even the shapes of each letter corresponds to life affirming principles. This meaning of Cleric carries into the present day as applied to the clerical duties of the office worker or the persons responsible for categorizing and sorting, filing, writing editing and organizing. You will find all of the above here at the Oration Laboratory.

Persistent as Persimmons
Seeking to be clear in our words and lyrics
undo untrue bonds of misspellings 
we return as sacred clyrics
oracle portals
 clear for eyes and ears who do not fear it
meditate & pray in ancient ways
provide strength in rough days
share clear assists from clever lyricists
 as we clear the cists from our collective consciousness
gifted with bliss 
tuning our ears and Lyres to ancient tones and tunes
 jeez Louise it’s as if we’re built for thrones
May we seed, grow and eat homegrown corns 
while homegrown bees buzz
study ge’ez and tridents 
paint letters like glyphs of all that is will bee 🐝 and ever wuzz! 
Soon be sipping almond milk and honey on the islands
 wonder from what etio or ori is our mind sent 
circle back and find it
As true as when I gifted thee a statuesque signet
promised lifetimes work and rooted planting I am a cosmic dignet
eternity calls from within the faithful - devotees carved in jade and garnet
Idle no more , war ships no more, it’s a big peace ship sailing and we ON It!

Root Where You are Planted

Cherokee Heirloom Corn grown and saved over many years – and crystals too

Once upon a time, I was instructed to identify my special gifts and abilities and to share those with the world. My specialty is in linguistics, energy medicine, and the science and spiritualilty inherent in words, but also in planting seeds and seeing them sprout and grow and come to full fruition only to save the best of the next cycle of seeds to plant in the soil we build up for the next planting season. May my words and thoughts here be seeds in the fertile soil of your mind heart and soul, growing along with your dreams and sprouting the truth of who you are out into the world.

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