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Counting on Bees to teach us how to be

Counting on Bees 
teach us how to bee
flowing in harmony
resonating with the seasons
capping brood that's good

The Study of Bees

Melittology (from Greek μέλιττα, melitta , “bee”; and -λογία -logia) is a branch of entomology concerning the scientific study of bees. It may also be called apicology. Melittology covers the species found in the clade Anthophila within the superfamily Apoidea, comprising more than 20,000 species, including bumblebees and honey bees.

Looking at the Comb

Newer Comb

Older Comb, Some Capped

Looking for the Queen Bee

Looking for the Queen Bee

Studying the Bee Brood and Bee Parts

Capped Brood, Convex or Concave
Bee Body Parts
Teach; Ah Bee Sees

Bee Anatomy

Bee Anatomy
Bee Legs, while dancing with LeGba

Thank You to Nicolette Paige and BeeliciousKC, The Urban Farm Cooperative, BeeresQ, and the Bees!

Studying Bee Anatomy, Lifecycle, and Hive Components with BeeliciousKC.com
"So Work the Honeybees
Creatures that, by a rule of nature teach
the art of order to a peopled QNDM
They have a QNG and officers of sorts
where some like magistrates correct at home
others like merchants venture trade abroad
others like soldiers armed in their stings
make boot upon the summer's velvet buds
which pillage they with merry march bring home
to the tent-royal of their emperor
who busied in her magesty, surveys
the singing masons building roofs of gold
The civil citizens kneading-up the honey
the poor mechanic, porters crowding in
their heavy burdens at her narrow gate
the sad eyed justice, with his surly hum
delivering o'er to executors pale
the lazy yawning drone"
William Shakespeare


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  • https://www.honeybeesuite.com/
  • https://www.beeresq.com/ (Order Bees, Equiptment & More)
  • https://worldbeeproject.org/

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