Welcome to Lab Oratory

Where Science and Linguistics Dance

Edit your manuscript or make you a potion, I’ve got the measure if you’ve got the notion. Content Creation by Herbal Scientist and Cleric, Stella Dreamwalker.

Lyrical Cleric in the Lab

Personal Poet and Highly Trained Laboratory Scientist at your service for everything from wordsmithing to freelance editing and scientific articulation, for when you know just what you want to say, but not quite how to say it or just what you want to create but not exactly how to perfect the formulation. Let me be your scientist. I can put the lab in your oration or the oratory in your science. I also make STEM and Language fun using art, murals and poetry.

Educational Mural, Arabic, Hebrew, Amharic Ge’ez

Choose from the following skillsets

Herbal Sciences & Clerical Skills

Garden Variety Cleric

Land Use Consultation

Herbal Medicine Garden Design, Land Stewardship & Ecological Economics. Muralist & Live Painting as well as Cosplay as your on site Cleric or Mage

Forest Walks, Herb hikes, asking permission from the land to build

Research & Development Herbal Sciences

Problem Solving

Product Formulation rooted in an extensive knowledge of Biology & Chemistry & Herbal Sciences consultations for your business

Developing S.O.P, Labelling, QA/QC and GMP consultations and systems design for your unique line of products

Clerical Office

Scribe: Content & Editing

Communications, Organization, Filing, Data Entry, Writing, Editing, Onboarding, Bookkeeping, Payroll

Artistic Documentation, Calligraphy

Healing Hands

Cleric at your service

When your Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard, Fighter, or your animals find themselves in need of healing schedule a consultation for in person or remote energy work

Spoken Word

Orator & Scribe

Personalized poetry for everything from greeting cards to presentations

You may know what to say, but cadence and timing are everything.

I apply lyrical prowess and development of personal power for everything from writers block to ghost writing, presentations to lyrics.

Poetic Science

STEM Curriculum Development

Consultations & In Person Presentations

Tutoring and Remote Reading


Just how content are those I consult with?

“Herbal Scientist Appreciation Post!!! The most knowledgeable woman I know of when it comes to herbal sciences, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, theology, entomology…basically the most genius woman I know is the herbal scientist for BeeliciousKC.com… Thank You Stella Flannery for sharing your gifts of knowledge”

Nicolette Paige

“You are a mystic, with a mystical quick wit. Intellect and common sense reflect galactic orbits. In your astronomical content, continents like plants and planets distribute the weight of life, for to smile is balance, yours is a chalice of sunshine centered. For Ma we are defenders, contenders against pretenders. A majestic goddess, you are as promised, a heart light as a feather honest. A mysterious shooting star with confidence lighting a path of humbleness across the night sky…”

Priest (The Recipe Poetry Guild)